Ancestry DNA Testing

Male Ancestry Testing 15K Markers

  • Explore your direct male line
  • Discover your deep ancestry
  • Extensive Online tools

Female Ancestry Testing 3K Markers

  • Explore your direct female line
  • Discover your deep maternal roots
  • Extensive Online tools

All My Ancestry Testing 250K Markers

  • Discover your ethnic origins 
  • All your family combined
  • Worlds most advanced test

Satisfy Your Desire To Know Where You Came From With DNA Worldwide's Ancestry Testing

Have you always wondered where your ancestors came from? Perhaps people have often commented that you look like you have Hispanic roots? DNA Worldwide’s ancestry packages can help you to find the answers. 


Product Features

Male Ancestry Testing

  • Discover the origins of your paternal line with Male Ancestry Testing. By analysing up to 15,000 genetic markers (genes that code for specific characteristics), we can identify your paternal migration routes up to recent times
  • Our analysis will detect your personal paternal Haplotype – a genetic group that tells us about your deep ancestry, and is shared with countless others

Maternal Ancestry Testing

  • Discover which of the 30 major maternal haplogroups your ancestors came from by analysing up to 3,000 mitochondrial markers
  • Find out your ancient maternal migration routes and discover where your maternal ancestors originated from

All My Ancestry

  • Analyse over 250,000 autosomal DNA markers – that is the DNA that is passed down from both your mother and your father – to paint a picture of your recent ancestral mix
  • Find out which of 200 populations you are closest to genetically, and what proportions of your ancestry are  from each of the seven continental level groups

Red Hair

  • Find out which, if any, of the known recessive gene variants for red hair you carry
  • Test for the 34 known gene variants of the MC1R gene and discover whether these variants have a strong or weak chance of producing red hair

Geno Complete

  • Our ground-breaking Geno Complete chip carries out all of the tests at once, minus the Y-DNA test for females. We can send you the tests separately, but it is dramatically cheaper to buy them as a combined package.

Our ancestry tests have simple reports to help you answer your questions about where you came from. Whether you simply want to scratch that curiosity itch or are interested in carrying out more extensive research, taking one of our ancestry tests is the first step. 

Looking to trace your family tree with DNA?

Genetic Genealogy From £149

For those that want to build their family tree and find matches to present day genetic cousins, this service includes Deep Ancestry Testing. Learn More

"Everything was easy to do. The instructions were easy to follow and it makes you realise how international we all are."

Mary Oliver - 12th November 2013

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