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All My Ancestry Test

Discover Your Percentage Ethnic Ancestry With DNA Worldwide's All My Ancestry Test

All My Ancestry DNA Test

  • Discover your percentage ethnic ancestry
  • Your DNA compared to over 200 populations
  • Detailed Ancestry Population Plots
  • Simple home saliva collection kit
  • Personalised and unique ancestry booklet
  • Your DNA and personal data is kept safe and secure
£189.00 (inc. Vat)

Discover Your Percentage Ethnic Ancestry With DNA Worldwide's All My Ancestry Test

Are you curious about what different ethnic groups make up who you are today? Would you like to find out more about your ancestors from both sides of your family tree?

Do you have Native American ancestry? African? What proportion of Southern European and Northern European is your genome? The All My Ancestry test will help to answer your questions.



How Does it Work?


  • We will send you an easy to use DNA collection kit so that you can send us your sample
  • The All My Ancestry test analyses your autosomal DNA – this means that it is not possible to identify which side of the family the ancestry comes from
  •  We look at over 250,000 autosomal markers, and compare your data to an extensive set of reference samples of known ancestry including over 4000 individuals from over 200 populations from all over the world 
  • We will tell you which populations you are genetically closest to and what proportions of your ancestry are from each of seven continental level groups: sub-Saharan African, European, West Asian, South & Central Asian, East Asian, Pacific Islander or Native American. We can then go even further to investigate your ancestry within these groups

Results Presentation

Your results will be presented in 3 ways:


1. A Population Percentage will tell you what proportions of your ancestry come from 7 different regions of the world, by using a statistical model of genetic ancestry. The plot compared to 4000 individuals is provided in a visual format.

2. We then establish a global percentage breakdown of your ancestry to determine which overall parts of the world your ethnicity comes from. 

3. We then refine further your major ancestry groups, in this example the European group is then broken down to country/area specific locations. However if this person was Indian, African or Chinese different country breakdowns are provided. 

4. A Global Connections Plot will show the average geographical origin of your ancestors in comparison to samples of known ancestry from 4,000 individuals and groups around the world



5. A Chromosome Painting shows your autosomal chromosomes painted to illustrate which continent or sub-continental area different blocks belong to.

Who Can Take The Test and How Long Does it Take?


  • Anyone can take the test as it uses autosomal DNA – DNA that doesn’t determine sex
  • Your detailed results will be with you in 12 - 14 weeks

All My Ancestry Testing

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