Ancestry by DNA

   Your percentage World ethnic breakdown split between the five main world continents.

  • Discover your percentage ethnic ancestry
  • Covers your complete family -
    mother's and father's side
  • Can be taken by both Males & Females
  • Your overall ancestry broken down into percentages between West Europe, East Asia, West Africa, Native American (Indeigenours America) & India Subcontinent.
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Ancestry by DNA 2.5 Ethnic Breakdown

The Ancestry by DNA 2.5 DNA Test is used to determine what percentage of Europe, East Asia, West Africa, Native American (Indeigenours America) and India Subcontinent your genetic ancestry is made up from.

To determine the percentage of DNA you have from each of these five groups, the DNA test examines 190 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs). These 190 SNPs have been selected based on their ability to identify ancestry patterns, and are referred to as Ancestry Informative Markers (AIMs).

This test is ideal for those who want a broad overview (at continent level not country level), it does not provide specific details such as where in Europe, Africa or Asia your ancestry is from.

For those who know they are European, Middle Eastern etc and want more detail such as where within Europe or Africa etc.. it will be far better to take our more detailed test - Population Finder - Click Here for more details.

The Ancestral Origin DNA tests are most commonly used:

  • For those that wondered if they are of Europe, East Asia, West Africa, Native American (Indeigenours America) or India Subcontinent descent.
  • For those that are adopted, or have adopted parents and are curious about what ancestral heritage they have.
  • For those that are predominantly African and curious about other ancestry they may have.
  • For those that want to expand and confirm their family's historical information.
  • For those that would like to uncover their personal anthropological history

Both Males and Females can take the Ancestry by DNA 2.5 test. It takes 3-4 weeks from the day we receive the samples in our laboratory.

Please note this test as with all overall ancestry tests can't identify which ancestry is from which side of the family.

Ancestry by DNA 2.5 Ethnic Breakdown

This assessment of your DNA is extremely accurate (close to 98%) and comes from all the matings in your ancestral history between males AND females by evaluation of all 22 pairs (44) of autosomes, not just one Y chromosome (male line only) or one Mitochondrial X chromosome (female line only).

Because of this dual contribution from both male and female ancestors, any male OR female may take the AncestryByDNA 2.5 autosomal test. However the test does not identify which part of your ethnicity comes from which side of your family. Every human has a total of 46 chromosomes and these are derived from all the males and females in their history who ever mated - 23 from each male and 23 from each female. In other words, 23 "pairs" of chromosomes.

The alleles found at these marker locations show very high specificity for people from particular populations, ethnicity and/or geographical regions. Ancestry by DNA 2.5 can be used to resolve the following four groups:

Native American:

Populations that migrated from Asia to inhabit North, South and Central America.


European Populations.

Indian Subconitent:

South Asian populations from India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

East Asian:

Japanese, Chinese, Mongolian, Koreans, Southeast Asians and Pacific Islanders, including populations native to the Philippines.

West African:

Populations from Sub-Saharan Africa such as Nigeria and Congo region.

Example Ancestry by DNA Certificate

You will receive a Certificate of your Ancestry with a guide to understanding how the DNA Testing was conducted.

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