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Female Ancestry Test

Discover Your Paternal Ancestors With DNA Worldwide’s Male Ancestry Testing

Female Ancestry DNA Test

  • Discover your female line ancestry
  • Your deep maternal migration roots
  • Worlds most detailed test with over 3,000 markers
  • Simple home saliva collection kit
  • Personalised 28 page ancestry booklet
  • Your DNA and personal data is kept safe and secure
£189.00 (inc. Vat)

Discover Your Maternal Ancestors With DNA Worldwide’s Female Ancestry Testing

Have you hit a blank trying to trace your maternal line in censuses and parish records? The maternal line is notoriously difficult to trace using traditional methods and a female ancestry test could be an invaluable source of information for your research, satisfying your desire to know where in the world your ancestors came from.

It appears that mtDNA markers travelled vast distances over thousands of years, perhaps representing the common practice of women leaving their homes to find marriage partners or being traded as slaves. What was your journey?


Your Unique Ancestry Results

1. Your deep maternal ancestry is provided in a beautiful and personalised 28 page booklet together with a unique certificate of ancestry. 

2. The second stage of your maternal ancestry result is to establish how common your ancestry is across the world.

3. After establishing your global maternal ancestry we then narrow this down to explore frequency across the United Kingdom.

4. A further breakdown looks at the frequency of your haplogroup between the 4 nations making up the United Kingdom. 

5. We then position your ancestry on the genetic tree of life, showing where your unique ancestry branch is located.

How Does it Work?


  • We provide you with a simple home mouth swab kit so that you can easily send us a sample
  • Our laboratory then examines your mtDNA – a circular piece of DNA that is passed down from mothers to their children 
  •  We analyse 3000 mitochondrial markers using our MyAncestry 3.0 Chip test, enabling us to tell you your mother line story 
  • Your test results will tell you which of the 30 major maternal lineagesyou belong to and provide the broad geographic region throughout which the lineage is found (e.g. Oceania, Africa, Europe, Middle East.) It will also tell you about your maternal migration route up to recent times
  • Your personal information and DNA are kept secure and private

Who Can Take The Test and How Long Does it Take?


  • Anyone can take the test as mothers pass their mtDNA on to all their children
  •  The detailed and easy to read test results and certificate will be with you in 12-14 weeks

Female Line Testing

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