Over 15,000 genetic markers tested

Male Ancestry Test

Discover Your Paternal Ancestors With DNA Worldwide’s Male Ancestry Testing

Male Ancestry DNA Test

  • Discover your male line ancestry
  • Your deep paternal migration roots
  • Worlds most detailed test with over 15,000 markers
  • Simple home saliva collection kit
  • Personalised 28 page ancestry booklet
  • Your DNA and personal data is kept safe and secure
£189.00 (inc. Vat)

Discover Your Paternal Ancestors With DNA Worldwide’s Male Ancestry Testing

Are you curious about where your paternal ancestors came from? Perhaps you want to know when your forefathers arrived at the place you now call home? Male-ancestry testing is the first step to answering your questions about your past.

You can discover a vast amount from a Y-DNA test, partly because men keep their surnames and partly because until the age of mass transport they were unlikely to leave their homes. What is your story?


How Does it Work?


  • We provide you with a simple home mouth swab kit to make sending us your sample easy
  • Our laboratory then examines your Y-DNA from the Y-Chromosome present in males as part of our MyAncestry 3.0 Chip test
  • We examine and count the number or repeats of the genetic pattern at standardized locations on the DNA helix - also known as markers
  • Your results will tell you your paternal haplogroup ( a genetic group that tells us about deep ancestry), your sub-group and  your paternal migration routes up until recent times
  • You can find out where your subtype first arose, how old it is and where it spread to
  • Your personal information and DNA are kept secure and private

Your Unique Ancestry Results

1. You will receive a detailed and personalised 28 page booklet covering your direct paternal ancestry. Your booklet contains the history and migration roots of your ancestors until recent time. 

2. We then compare your DNA to that of populations around the world and provide a detailed map showing the population frequency for example how often your deep ancestry group is found in different parts of Europe. 

3. Your DNA is then compared to the population of the United Kingdom, we provide the frequency it is found across the UK by county, displayed on a simple visual map. 

4. A top line report is then produced showing your ancestry breakdown across the 4 nations.

5. Your position on the phylogenetic tree is plotted within your booklet and on our online interactive system.  

6. Your unique genetic signature is also provided and built from the 15,000SNP's tested on your male line (YDNA). 

Who Can Take The Test and How Long Does it Take?


  • As male ancestry testing examines DNA from the Y-Chromosome, which is only present in males, only males can take the test. However, if you are female and interested in your paternal line it’s as simple as asking a direct male relative to provide a sample
  •  The detailed and easy to read test results and certificate will be with you in 12 - 14 weeks

Male Line Testing

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Whether you’re simply curious about your genetic origins or are hoping to find out where you fit into the sweeping narrative of history, paternal ancestry testing could start you on a journey of discovery.

Order online or call our experts today for more information.

Jargon Buster


The more markers, the more precise. Our YDNA tests look at over 15,000 SNP markers to provide you with the worlds most detailed deep ancestry test.

You will receive your personalised 28 page male ancestry booket to acompnay your results. 

Need to find genetic matches

If you are intersted in finding matches to genetic relatives to further your family history reserach please take a look at our "Genetic Geaneaology packages". 

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£260.00 (inc. Vat)

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