Paternity Testing

Home Paternity Test £149.00 (inc. Vat)

  • For peace of mind
  • Done at Home
  • Simple Mouth Swab

Legal Paternity Test £388.80 (inc. Vat)

  • For legal use
  • Doctor Collects DNA
  • Court Approved

Immigration DNA Test £388.80 (inc. Vat)

  • For Immigration
  • Worldwide collections
  • Court Approved

Step 1 Order your DNA kit Online or by calling 01373 751066.

Step 2 Collect DNA at home with the test kit provided, then return in the pre-paid envelope.

Step 3 Receive your results by post, email or phone with full customer support.

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Home paternity tests

If you would like to establish who the father of a child is for personal rather than legal reasons, it is possible to collect your own samples at home with the mouth swabs included in our easy-to-use kits, then mail them in sealed envelopes for analysis in our laboratories.

We've put together a chart comparing the Top UK Laboratories for home testing - View Here.


Legal testing

If you need to prove who the biological father of a child is for legal reasons, such as when applying for maintenance or to alter a birth certificate, you can arrange to have DNA samples collected at one of our clinics, of which there are more than 3000 around the world.

Every DNA Test is accredited by ISO:17025 and all testing at our laboratory, Eurofins Medigenomix, is approved by the Ministry of Justice and UKBA.

Highest Quality Standards

Dna-worldwide paternity testing procedures are ISO accredited, designed to comply with the requirements of UK courts and exceed all international standards currently in existence. We have over a decade of experience and because we test for up to 68 DNA markers and never less than 21, you can trust our results.

Fast service

We understand that most people are keen to receive results as soon as possible and do our utmost to ensure there are no delays. Once your samples have been collected and sent to a laboratory for paternity testing, it should be no more than 3-5 business days before the results are available.


"Everything was easy to do. The instructions were easy to follow and it makes you realise how international we all are."

Private Client - 11th September 2011

Prenatal DNA Test

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Paternity Results

Paternity Test Result

DNA Worldwide Paternity Test results are simple to understand.

The result includes each participants DNA code and a statement of "99.9999% Yes" or "100% No".

Useful Sites

A useful site for more information regarding parental testing is wikipedia or the BBC website.

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