Understanding a DNA Result

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  • Help understanding DNA Test Results
  • What does paternity inclusion mean?
  • Can you really be sure about a paternity exclusion? 
  • What if the two fathers could be related?
  • How much DNA was tested?
  • Are my DNA results accurate?

Video Explanation of DNA Results

Paternity Results

DNA Worldwide Paternity Test results are simple to understand. All tests look at at least 21 DNA Markers, and many test up to 46 DNA Markers. This provides a result that is at least twice as accurate as any other DNA test in the UK.

Every DNA test report should include the full details of each person being tested along with their DNA code and a clear and simple conclusion. This should read either:

  • 99.999% Probability of paternity = The tested man is the father
    • Could also be written as "It is practically proven"
  • The tested man is excluded = The test man is NOT the father
    • Could also be written as 100% Exclusion

For a full review of how to understand a paternity test result click here.

100% Accurate Results

Our test results give you a detailed description of how the test is conducted, what the results are, and what those results mean.

We take great pride in making our tests both easy to understand and scientifically sound with every test being run twice exceeding all ISO 17025 requirements.

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