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My Complete Ancestry DNA Test Package

  • All ancestry DNA tests in one
  • Discover your male, female and ethnic ancestry
  • Male line ancestry is only possible for men, as they carry the Y chromosome
  • Personalised Ancestry Book
  • Package saves over £300
Ancestry Test

My Complete Ancestry DNA Test Package


My Complete Ancestry - Combined Package

The worlds most complete ancestry testing when it comes to finding out your overall autosomal and ethnic ancestry.

This test looks at 750,000 autosomal, YDNA and mtDNA markers. Your DNA will also be compared to a large set of reference samples of known ancestry. My complete ancestry test is a simple home test done by sending us a saliva sample. 

  • Father line: As only males carry the Y Chromosome, only males will receive paternal ancestry results. We test over 12,000 markers on your Y-Chromosome, allowing us to discover if you have Viking, Celtic, Saxon or African ancestry.
  • Mother line: We use our advanced SNP test to look at over 3,000 mitochondrial DNA markers (passed down from mother to child) to determine if you have Jewish, Roman Gypsy or Irish maternal ancestry.
  • Ethnic Ancestry: Analyses your ancestry to see if its mixed by looking at over 700,000 areas of DNA to provide a detailed percentage breakdown from over 1,353 individuals around the world. 

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Help and Guidance

How do I get started?

  • Order your home ancestry DNA test kit securely online. Price includes sample kit, testing and results. 
  • The DNA sample collection is a quick and easy procedure which requires a simple saliva sample. 
  • Once you have collected your DNA samples simply return them to DNA Worldwide in the pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope provided and your online results will be available within 12-14 weeks. Delivery of your book will follow your online results.
  • We sometimes find individuals have an undiscovered DNA group (due to the test being the world's most advanced) which means it can take longer to research and produce your results.

What will I receive?

  • Your overall autosomal ancestry is produced with your Ethnic Ancestry, allowing your results to be personalised, guaranteeing unique results. 
  • Your maternal line ancestry is tested using our advanced SNP test. 
  • Male Participants also receive their detailed paternal line including population frequency maps. 

What Will I Receive?

Paternal Ancestry

Male Line Ancestry Test
  • The most comprehensive male line ancestry test 
  • This test also includes your female line ancestry and your ethnic ancestry 
  • Male line ancestry is only possible for men, as they carry the Y chromosome. 


More Information 

Maternal Ancestry

Female Line Ancestry Test
  • The most comprehensive female line ancestry test  
  • This ancestry test also includes your ethnic breakdown 


More Information 

Ethnic Ancestry 

Ethnic Ancestry Test
  • The most comprehensive ethnic ancestry test
  • Guaranteed personalised results
  • Detailed percentage breakdown of your ancestry


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