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Dog DNA Test - Mixed Breed Testing

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  • Please call to make sure we can test your dog
  • World's largest database of over 185+ breeds
  • Detailed Report with Family Tree Breed Breakdown
Mixed Breed Dog DNA Test

Find out the breed of your dog through the world’s most comprehensive breed database. Reasons for getting a mixed breed test included the following:

  • Confirm the heritage of the breed, to remove any doubt.
  • Targeting behaviour training
  • Nutritional advice 
  • Exercise planning

What breed is my dog?

This simple to use home DNA testing kit can give you the answer by comparing your dog’s DNA to over 185 breeds. The results of your dog DNA test will be issued in 6-8 weeks, and will contain a detailed report and family tree breakdown.

Which breeds can be tested for?

We can test for most UK and American Certified Kennel Club breeds, make sure to call the team to confirm that we can find out your breeds past.  


Help and Guidance

How do I get started?

  • Please check our full breed list to make sure we can test for your pet, if you aren’t able to find your dogs breed or are unsure please get in touch with a member of our team.
  • Order your dog DNA test kit securely online. The fee includes the kit, testing and the report. 
  • The DNA sample collection is quick and easy, using a simple mouth swab from your dog.
  • Once you have collected your DNA samples simply return them to DNA Worldwide in the pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope provided.

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What Will I Receive?

Discover the Breeds that Make Your Dog Special

In the same way that you have similarities to your family, so too has your dog inherited characteristics from its family. We don't all look like our grandparents and the same is true for your dog. When you combine DNA from different dogs and different purebreeds you end up with a unique, one-of-a-kind mixed breed dog. 

By knowing which breeds are in your one-of-a-kind dog, you can better understand how to support and care for him.

Your dog's coat, colour, tail and even ear sizes come from his DNA code. Did you know that their behaviours - such as digging, herding, swimming or barking - could come from the mix of breeds in their family tree.

What is a mixed breed dog?

A mixed breed dog is a cross between two or more dogs of different breeds. The make-up of a mixed breed dog can be simple or complex, the more breeds in a dog’s DNA, the more difficult it is to identify. The mixture of breeds in a dog can often be difficult to recognise visually, a DNA test is able to accurately identify which breeds your dog is made up of.


Your Breed's Family Tree  

Dog DNA Test Report