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Pet DNA Test - Dog Parentage

  • Determine the parentage of a litter
  • Fast and conclusive results
  • Full support and advice
  • Order as many kits as you need, to test your pups 
Pet DNA Testing - Parentage

Dog Parentage DNA Testing

Determine the parentage of a litter through our KC Accredited testing.

Our DNA test can help with finding out if a particular father or mother is the true parent of your dog. This simple to use home collection kit tests 23 ISAG DNA markers to determine the profile of your pet. The results of your test will be issued in 10-15 working days, and will contain the unique DNA profile for each dog tested. 


Our Experts are on hand to answer any questions about your DNA testing requirements. 


Help and Guidance

How Does it Work?

  • DNA Testing is used to establish parentage. Each dog has two copies of the DNA, one set is from the mother and the other set is from the father.

  • By distinguishing these two different sets of DNA we can then test if a particular father, or mother, is the true parent. 


How do I get started?

  • Order your home dog DNA test kit securely online. 
  • The DNA sample collection is a quick and easy procedure which requires a swab to be rubbed gently on the inside of your dog's mouth.
  • Once you have collected your dog's DNA samples simply return them to DNA Worldwide in the pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope provided. 

What will I receive?

  • The results for your Dog Parentage test will include the unique DNA profile for each dog tested.
  • Our laboratory director reviews each DNA profile set and using state of the art Dog Parentage software determines if the Sire is the biological father of the pup. ​