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  • Paternity

    Establish the biological father of a child for peace of mind or court..

    Paternity DNA Test UK

    The World's Most Accurate DNA Test

    The greater amount of DNA tested, the more accurate the result. Built with German Engineering, the DNA Worldwide Paternity Test leads the industry in terms of accuracy and quality. 

  • Immigration

    UKBA Approved Immigration DNA Testing across the globe.

    Immigration DNA Testing

    Fast Service in over 200 Countries

    Providing DNA tests to thousands of clients across the world who need to establish biological relationships for immigration related matters to the UK and other countries.

  • Ancestry

    Explore your genetic ancestry and discover your past...

    Your Deep Ancestry Uncovered

    By exploring hundreds of thousands of areas of your DNA we are able to bring your deep ancestry to life. Revealing the secrets only known in your DNA. Where your ancestry comes from and which routes they travelled.

  • Extended Family

    The World's Most Advanced DNA Testing to establish extended family relationships

    Extended Family DNA Testing

    Complex relationship solved

    With advanced technology and a dedicated for accuracy our world leading scientists are able to accurately identify complex relationships. We routinely test more than four times the amount of DNA than other laboratories making our service one that is chosen by thousands of clients each year. 

  • Drug & Alcohol

    Accurately identify levels of drug and alcohol abuse with up to one year's history

    Drug & Alcohol Mini Menu Icon

    Establish Use or Prove Abstinence 

    Whatever your reason for testing our team will provide you a test that supports your requirements from establishing if someone is using drugs or alcohol to providing court approved evidence that you are no longer using. 

  • Pets

    Establish your Dog's Mixed Breed Ancestry...

    Mixed Breed Pet DNA Testing

    Mixed Breed or Pure Breed 

    Using state of the art DNA testing technology we will identify the very breeds that make up your dog. A great tool not only for interest but to help support their health and diet as they grow. 

  • 100% ACCURATE

An Important Choice

DNA Worldwide was setup over 10 years ago to ensure individuals, just like you, have access to reliable DNA testing that accurately establishes biological relationships and uncovers the secrets in their DNA. Everyone in the company understands the incredibly difficult situations that face many of our clients. This is the reason that the care and support we offer provides us with a real purpose every day. No matter what question you have please get in touch and we can see how we can help. 

David Nicholson - Managing Director 


I was impressed with the speed, efficiency & professionalism of DNA Worldwide, and would recommend them to anyone.

G Taylor | Paternity Test