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Prenatal Paternity Test (Non-Invasive) - Who's the Dad Pre-birth

  • We arrange everything for you
  • Blood sample from mother and mouth swab sample from father
  • ISO/IEC:17025 accredited
  • Fast Results 10-12 business days
  • Absolute Accuracy
Prenatal Paternity Test

DNA Worldwide provide the world’s most advanced prenatal paternity test to accurately establish the biological father before the child is born.

An approved doctor, nurse or sampler will take your sample; this will consist of taking a blood vial from the mother and a mouth swab from the alleged father. The earliest a prenatal paternity test should commence is after 11 weeks of gestation, this allows time for the child’s DNA to be found in the mother’s blood.

You can expect your DNA test results within 10-12 working days on our secure online system, where you can also track the status of your test. We offer full support throughout the process and we are fully ISO: 17025 accredited and ISO: 9001 certified.

We understand how important it is to keep your paternity testing confidential, so if you have any concerns please contact our dedicated team.

Due to the nature of this prenatal paternity test, a nurse collection fee and FedEx shipping cost is also necessary, therefore you can expect to pay up to £295 extra for the samples to be taken and shipped.

If you need a prenatal test for legal purposes, please find more information here.


Help and Guidance

Start your Non-Invasive Prenatal DNA test

  • We advise you contact us on 01373 800130 to discuss your situation and to ensure you conduct the most appropriate test.
  • Once agreed, DNA Worldwide will arrange a nurse to visit your home or suitable location to take a blood sample from the mother and purported father.
  • DNA Worldwide will send a courier to collect the sealed samples once the collection is complete. 

Understanding DNA Test Results

The prenatal DNA test results work in a similar way to the standard paternity test, however, we look at over 300,000 DNA Markers.


Common Questions

How does the prenatal test work?

The DNA Worldwide non-invasive prenatal paternity DNA test provides the most accurate way to determine paternity before birth. It uses a state-of-the-art process which combines the latest DNA technology and unique methods of preserving the baby's DNA which is naturally found in the mother's bloodstream after 9 weeks gestation. 

What exactly does non-invasive mean?

One of the best way to explain non-invasive is to look at the opposite approach, an invasive paternity DNA test. The traditional prenatal invasive paternity tests require that cells be obtained from either the amniotic fluid or placenta. 

The non-invasive paternity test uses a simple blood sample from the mother and therefore does not require a needle to be inserted into the womb.



Common Questions (Continued)

How Accurate is the DNA test?

We we provide at least 99.9% probability of paternity where the father is confirmed as being the father. This is backed up by many third party studies.

When is the earliest I can take the paternity test?

The non-invasive test can be carried out as early as 9 weeks after conception.

How Safe is the test? What are the Risks?

With our unique non-invasive prenatal paternity test there is no risk to the foetus other than the normal risk to the mother of having her blood taken.