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Fatherline Ancestry

  • The history of your fatherline up until recent times
  • The most technically advanced fatherline ancestry test
  • Fatherline ancestry is only possible for men, as they carry the Y chromosome
  • Looks at over 21,000 areas of your Y chromosome
Living DNA Fatherline Ancestry Results

About Living DNA

Living DNA is the world’s most advanced ancestry test, designed to help people understand more about themselves and where they come from in unparalleled detail.


Discover your paternal ancestry

By looking at over 21,000 areas of your Y chromosome, the Living DNA ancestry test explores your father’s direct ancestry in greater detail than ever before. You will receive detailed graphs of your fatherline’s migration patterns and where in the world your fatherline group is present.

As women don’t have a Y chromosome, this part of the test is only available to males.


Help and Guidance

What does the test show?

  • What fatherline group you belong to
  • The history of your fatherline group
  • Where your fatherline group is found across the world
  • The possible migration paths of your paternal ancestors
  • How your fatherline group connects to others
  • Famous people in your fatherline

How does it work?

  • Order your home DNA kit from Living DNA. Price includes sample kit, testing, and results.
  • Once you receive your kit, activate it online with your 12-character activation code found within your kit
  • The DNA sample collection is a quick and easy procedure that requires a simple mouth swab
  • Once you have collected your DNA sample, post it back to us in the free returns bag
  • Your online results will be available in 10-12 weeks
  • Your results are displayed on an interactive online platform, a personalised ancestry book showing your results is also available to buy