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Sibling DNA Testing

  • World's most advanced sibling testing
  • Testing up to 68 markers, making it at least twice as accurate as any other sibling test on the market
  • Full Support - No Hidden Fees
  • Dual testing process
  • 100% Accurate Results 
Sibling DNA Test

We aim to achieve a 99% proof of relationship or 100% exclusion, dependent on the uniqueness of the participant's DNA.

The home DNA testing kit is a simple peace of mind test, which includes everything you need to take a DNA sample within the comfort of your own home. A sibling DNA test is required when two individuals wants to know the probability of whether or not they are full siblings, half siblings, or unrelated.

The test looks at over 21 markers, and tests are run twice for accuracy. Results are issued within 5-10 working days on our secure online system where you can also track the status of your test. Full support is offered and we are fully ISO:17025 accredited and ISO: 9001 certified.

There are 3 types of DNA tests that can prove the relationship between siblings:

  • Full sibling vs half sibling: Establish if 2 individuals share both or just one parent
  • Half sibling vs unrelated: Establish if 2 individuals share one parent in common
  • Full sibling vs unrelated: Establish if 2 individuals share both parents or no parents in common.

Once your order is placed, we will work with you to determine the right method of testing on a case by case basis. The sibling DNA test examines up to three people, the parent and the alleged siblings.  

Every sibling test is confidential, we will send the test to the provided address in a discrete style of packaging, to upheld client confidentiality. However if you have any concerns, our dedicated team will be happy to help you. Should you require a sibling DNA test for legal purposes, please find more information here.


Help and Guidance

Organise your home DNA test

  • Order your home DNA test kit securely online.
  • Your DNA Testing Case manager will contact you to confirm the exactly type of sibling relationship. 
  • The DNA sample collection is a quick and easy procedure which requires a simple mouth swab to be gently rubbed on the inside of your cheek.
  • Once you have collected your DNA samples simply return them to DNA Worldwide in the pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope provided and we will send your results within 5-10 business days.

Advanced DNA Testing Technology

DNA Worldwide test up to 68 genetic locations (DNA Worldwide is the only company to offer this level of testing. Other Accredited Labs test 16 genetic locations) and independently run every test twice to ensure that your results are the most accurate available.

DNA Worldwide is a global leader in DNA testing, certified to ISO 9001:2008 with its laboratory certified to ISO 17025 Accredited.


Client Case Study

"We did the DNA and had to wait 3/4 days for the results, they came back 76.7% which is an inconclusive result which meant yet again we were in limbo and stuck asking unanswered questions. 

That's when I spoke to David from DNA worldwide and told him about our situation and that's when they offered to help me, we all did the DNA test again and the waiting game began again but this time it would take a little longer as DNA worldwide test for more DNA markers which gives a better accurate reading. 

I have since had the results which are totally different this time the results were so much clearer. 

There is no possibility that myself and the possible sibling could be related. Which meant that I could once again go on and believe what my mum had told me because my mum had given me a name and I started to doubt everything I had ever been told me whole life, and as my mum is no longer around she could not verify any details I had been told so it was a very one sided story until David and the team from worldwide DNA helped me and I could finally get back to living my life." 

- Jennifer Hickey


Understanding DNA Test Results