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Newly launched DNA ancestry test

  • We have teamed up with over 100 world leading experts to launch the new DNA ancestry test from Living DNA.
  • Twice the detail of other ancestry tests
  • Your ancestry going back up to 10 generations
  • Detailed percentage breakdown of your ancestry
  • Free lifetime updates to your family ancestry results
Living DNA Ancestry Test

3-in-1 ancestry test from Living DNA

Family Ancestry

Family Ancestry
  • Your recent ancestry from all side of your family broken down across up to 80 worldwide regions
  • Optional personalised ancestry book
  • Interactive online results
  • Developed with world leading academics

Fatherline Ancestry

Fatherline Ancestry
  • The history of your fatherline up until recent times
  • The most technically advanced fatherline ancestry test
  • Fatherline ancestry is only possible for men, as they carry the Y chromosome
  • Looks at over 21,000 areas of your Y chromosome

Motherline Ancestry

Motherline Ancestry
  • The history of your motherline up until recent times
  • The most technically advanced motherline ancestry test
  • Looks at over 4,000 areas of your mtDNA