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Hair Drug Test

  • For Family Court Cases
  • Samples collected at home
  • Fast results in 3-7 working days
  • Detection for up to one year
  • Best Price Guarantee 

A legal hair drug test is used to prove in a family court case or workplace environment, the drug patterns of individuals, proving drug patterns of abuse or abstinence.

Courts will determine if a known drug user has stopped taking drugs, by providing a month by month history of drug use of up to 1 year. A hair sample is required to be taken in your home by a professional doctor, nurse, or accredited sampler and cannot be self administrated. Collections can be arranged within 72 hours and results will be ready within 3-7 working days from the lab receiving the sample. A detailed report will be issued with an expert review of your case looking at possible reasons for the results. 

Our labs conduct legal testing that is ISO/IEC:17025 accredited and ISO:9001:2008 certified for use in the UK court system. 


Help and Guidance

How Does it Work?

  • Hair Drug testing is proven in the UK Courts as an accurate way of establishing the drug patterns of individuals, especially as many courts now require proof that individuals have stopped using drugs (both legal and illegal).  
  • The process is simple and painless; one of our expert collectors will collect 2-4 samples, each about 200 hairs, from the crown of your head depending on the number of tests required.
  • The collector will complete chain of custody paperwork with yourself and then securely send the samples to us for testing. 
  • The hair strand drug analysis then establishes if drug metabolites (the parts of the drug that are produced by the body when the drug has been consumed) are found inside the shaft of the hair and at what level. Using Hair follicle drug testing you can establish the level of drug use up to one year after use. 
  • A laboratory report is prepared and sent to our lead expert and Head of Toxicology, Dr Pascal Kintz, to review and write a report that is accepted by court. 
  • The results are then issued to you via secure means normally 3-7 working days after they have been received. However, testing for complex drugs does take a little longer.



How do I get started?

  • Contact the DNA Worldwide expert team to establish the exact testing requirements that you have and place your order.
  • We will arrange for a collector to visit your home or chosen location to collect the sample.
  • Once we receive the samples in our laboratory, testing will begin. When testing for common drugs, results will be ready in 3-7 working days.