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Legal Highs & Designer Drug Test

  • Novel Psychoactive Substance Testing
  • Synthetic Cannabis (Spice)
  • Mystery White Powers
  • Samples collected at home
  • Secure and confidential

A legal test is used to establish the misuse of legal highs and designer drugs, such as mystery white powders and synthetic cannabis.

The test will establish a usage pattern fit for UK court purposes. The test requires a hair sample to be taken in your home by a professional doctor, nurse, or accredited sampler and cannot be self administrated.

Sample collections can be arranged within 72 hours results will be ready within 15 - 20 working days from the lab receiving the sample. A detailed report showing the drugs tested will be issued with an expert review of your case looking at possible reasons for the results, in a format required by the UK court system. Full support and a dedicated case manager is issued to your case throughout the process.

Our labs conduct legal testing that is ISO/IEC:17025 accredited and ISO:9001:2008 certified for use in the UK court system. 


Help and Guidance

How Does it Work?

  • Hair testing for designer drugs and legal highs is proven in the UK Courts as an accurate way of establishing the drug patterns.
  • The process is simple and painless; one of our expert collectors will collect 2-4 samples, each about 200 hairs, from the crown of your head depending on the number of tests required.
  • The collector will complete chain of custody paperwork with yourself and then securely send the samples to us for testing. 
  • The hair strand drug analysis then establishes if drug metabolites (the parts of the drug that are produced by the body when the drug has been consumed) are found inside the shaft of the hair and at what level. Using Hair follicle drug testing you can establish the level of drug use up to one year after use. 
  • A laboratory report is prepared and sent to our lead expert and Head of Toxicology, Dr Pascal Kintz, to review and write a report that is accepted by court. 
  • The results are then issued to you via secure means normally 15-20 working days after they have been received - however testing for complex drugs does take a little longer.

How do I get started?

  • Contact the DNA Worldwide expert team to establish the exact testing requirements that you have and place your order.
  • We will arrange for a collector to visit your home or chosen location to collect the sample.
  • Once we receive the samples in our laboratory, testing will begin and results will be issued securely once completed.

The importance of testing for legal highs

Drug use has changed dramatically over the last five years. Today in addition to common drugs such as Cannabis and Cocaine, we have seen an enormous rise in the use of “Designer Drugs” which are chemically created to be even more potent than the drugs they mimic.

Traditionally developed for audiences who wanted to test negative during random workplace drug testing, their use is now widespread.

  • DNA Worldwide offer Europe's most detailed testing for legal highs including synthetic cannabinoids and bath salts.
  • Hair testing provides a history of up to one year, whilst blood and urine testing provide results for the previous few days to one week. 
  • Segmented testing allows you to establish a pattern of abuse vs one-off use. 

What are Designer Drugs?

In 1988 Gary L Henderson PhD wrote his prediction for the drugs of the future, which he called designer drugs: "It is likely that the future drugs of abuse will be synthetics rather than plant products. They will be synthesised from readily available chemicals, may be derivatives of pharmaceuticals, will be very potent and will be marketed very cleverly”

  • 236 new drugs since 2005
  • Cheaper than plant-based drugs
  • Up to 100 times more potent
  • Ordered online (693 shops)
  • Limited enforcement
  • Not actually legal
  • Not detected by standard drug tests

One of the important aspects is that in care proceedings as with workplace drugs testing, designer drugs are not regularly tested for and therefore are the perfect drug of choice for people seeking to avoid a positive drug result but still continue their habit.


Synthetic Cannabis & Bath Salts

Synthetic Cannabis

First detected in 2005, Synthetic cannabis is in effect plants that have been dried and then sprayed with a chemical mixture designed to provide the consumer with a drug that mimics cannabis but with the added hallucinogenic aspect.

Originally sold under the brand name “Spice” there are now 253 types with new versions appearing each month. These drugs have been shown to be over 100 times more potent than medical grade cannabis.

Bath Salts

Benzo Fury is one of the most common designer drugs, it is a powder-like substance with effects similar to amphetamines and cocaine. With over 130 known versions of these drugs and counting, underground labs tweak with the formula as soon as one is detected and made illegal.

Our ever expanding test looks for the compounds of over 34 synthetic designer drugs and is expanding monthly.