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Male Line Ancestry Test

  • The most comprehensive male line ancestry test 
  • This test also includes your female line ancestry and your ethnic ancestry 
  • Male line ancestry is only possible for men, as they carry the Y chromosome. 


Male line ancestry testing

Male Line Ancestry Test


Male Ancestry DNA Testing

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Is your male ancestry Viking, Celtic or Saxon? Perhaps Mediterranean or African?


Are you curious about your paternal ancestry? Perhaps you've always wanted to know where your roots are from? 

The DNA Worldwide Male Line Ancestry DNA Test provides the answer.

For a complete picture of your ancestry The Complete Ancestry Package offers incredible value and includes your mother line and ethnic ancestry.


My Complete Ancestry Test £159

Explore your complete ancestry including a detailed picture of your migration routes. 

  • Male Line Ancestry 
  • Female Line Ancestry 
  • Ethnic Breakdown 
  • Thousands of SNP's Tested
  • Home Collection Kit
  • Personalised Data Kept Safe and Secure
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Help and Guidance

How it Works - Part 1

  • We provide you with a simple home mouth swab kit to make sending us your sample easy.
  • Our laboratory then examines your Y-DNA from the Y-Chromosome present in males as part of our New DNA v4.0 Chip​.
  • We examine the genetic pattern at standardised locations on the DNA helix - also known as markers.
  • Male line ancestry is only possible for men, as they carry the Y chromosome. Should a female want to know her male line ancestry, then a direct male relative should be tested too. 



How it Works - Part 2

  • Your results will tell you your paternal haplogroup (a genetic group that tells us about deep ancestry), your sub-group and your paternal migration routes up until recent times.

  • You can find out where your subtype first arose, how old it is and where it spread to.

  • Your personal information and DNA are kept secure and private.

  • The detailed and easy-to-read online test results will be available within 12-14 weeks. Delivery of your book will follow your online results.


How do I get started?

  • Order your home DNA test kit securely online. Price includes sample collection kit, ancestry DNA testing and personalised results.
  • The DNA sample collection is a quick and easy procedure which requires a simple saliva sample.
  • Once you have collected your DNA samples simply return them to DNA Worldwide in the pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope provided.

What Will I Receive

1. Your Ancestry Booklet

You will receive a detailed and personalised 60 plus page booklet covering your direct paternal ancestry. Your booklet contains a history of your ancestors. 


2. Frequency of your Ancestry

We then compare your DNA to that of populations around the world and provide a detailed map showing the population frequency for example how often your deep ancestry group is found in different parts of Europe. 


3. Genetic Signature

Your unique genetic signature is also provided and built from the 15,000SNP's tested on your male line (YDNA). 


4. Phylogenetic tree

Your position on the phylogenetic tree is plotted on our online interactive system.