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Ancestry DNA Tests

  • Take a journey in time
  • Discover your deep ancestry
  • As featured on "Who Do You Think You Are" 
  • More detail than ever before
  • Beautifully presented results
Ancestry DNA Testing

Ancestry DNA Tests


My Complete Ancestry

My Complete Ancestry DNA Test Package
  • All ancestry tests in one
  • Discover your male, female and ethnic ancestry
  • Plus Red Hair and Eye Colour Genes
  • Personalised Ancestry Book
  • Package saves over £300
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Fatherline Ancestry

Male Line Ancestry Test
  • Discover your deep male line ancestry
  • Over 15,000 Y-DNA markers tested
  • Personalised 28-page ancestry booklet
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Motherline Ancestry

Female Line Ancestry Test
  • Discover your deep female line ancestry
  • Over 3,000 DNA Markers tested
  • The world's most detailed maternal ancestry test
  • Personalised 28-page book
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Ethnic Ancestry

Ethnic Ancestry Test
  • Discover your percentage ethnic ancestry
  • Your DNA is compared to over 200 populations
  • Detailed Ancestry Plots
  • Personalised ancestry booklet
  • Secure and confidential
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Red Head

Red Head Genetic Heritage DNA Test
  • Do you carry the Red Hair gene?
  • 35% of the United Kingdom does
  • Will your children have red hair?
  • Be part of the global study
  • Secure and confidential
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Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes Genetic Heritage DNA Test
  • Discover if you carry the blue eyes gene
  • Test is part of our complete package including father's, mother's and ethnic ancestry
  • Secure and confidential
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