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Free DNA Testing on the NHS?

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Will the NHS pay for my DNA Test? This is one of the more common questions we get asked at DNA Worldwide. The NHS view the need to have a DNA test as one that is a personal decision for those involved. The subject of Paternity testing is very sensitive and whilst many individuals choose to discuss the matter with their Doctor, payment for the actual test has to be done privately. The NHS does not cover the actual DNA Testing fee. That said there are a number of things that you need to consider. Whilst DNA Testing paid for by the NHS is not offered, it is worth discussing the actual matter with your GP. They may be able to assist in providing support, advice and recommend counseling.   In general there are two types of DNA Test:

  • Peace of Mind DNA Test – This DNA test is normally carried out by the parents at home. When using a leading, fully accredited company, you results will be very accurate. The only problem is there is no independent 3rd party to verify who’s samples have been taken. Therefore you need to make sure you see the samples from point of collection until they are posted at the post office to avoid the other party tampering with the swabs.
  • Legal DNA Test – this test can be used in court, to change the name on a birth certificate and for child custody. Your NHS doctor will be able to collect the DNA samples from each person and send them securely back to the lab for testing. Most Doctors charge for this service although some practices provide this free of charge.

DNA Worldwide offer the UK’s most advanced, detailed and accurate DNA Test that provides over twice the accuracy of other labs. Both legal and peace of mind tests have the same accuracy and quality. For a peace of mind test to get started you can order a testing kit for £24, you collect the samples at home and then send them back with a payment of £125 for testing.


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