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Families wanting DNA Testing Needed for Channel 4 Documentary

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DNA Worldwide supports Channel 4 and Sugar Films to make a warm hearted documentary helping families understand the truth about their relationships. 

Families around the UK rely on DNA testing to answer questions about the truth of their relationships and help to put together their family picture.

With as many as 1 in 5 UK families being affected by false paternity rates, this is far from a rare occurrence.  Yet many people undergoing testing often feel judged by friends and are left embarrassed about the situation.

The pilot programme (not for broadcast), run by Sugar Films and Channel 4, is being put together to bring an awareness of DNA Testing in a positive light, away from the drama of daytime TV.

David Nicholson, Managing Director, says, ”We have families coming to us who want to understand the truth of their situation or confirm to others what they already know. Something that is deeply courageous and a great step from living in the shame and guilt that has often plagued them for years.”

As part of the programme DNA Worldwide will be providing Free of Charge testing to individuals needing the help of DNA.

Have you ever wondered if a sibling, parent or loved one may not be biologically related?  Now there’s an opportunity for you or someone you know to finally get the answers they have been waiting for.

Mr Nicholson ads an important point “Regardless of the DNA Result, a father is the person who takes responsibility to love, raise and nurture their child, this means more than biology ever could. But there are important reasons when DNA testing must be undertaken.”

During the programme participants will be provided support and guidance to understand the impact of testing, and are at no obligation to continue with the testing if, after seeking the support, they feel it is something they do not want to pursue.

Should you decide to take a test, DNA Worldwide guarantees you will receive the worlds most accurate testing, with one-to-one support every step of the way.

Please call 01373 800130 or email support@dna-worldwide.co.uk for a completely confidential, no obligation discussion.

About DNA Worldwide Group

DNA Worldwide Group, founded in 2004, are the UK’s leading DNA, Drug & Alcohol testing firm providing services to every court in the UK as well as thousands of solicitors and customers each year.

The company is built on the foundation of a deep care for each person, knowing that every test affects someone’s life.

About Sugar Films

Sugar films are producing a documentary project with Channel 4 (not for broadcast) about families and individuals who seek the help of DNA testing, to understand the truth about their relationships and piece together a picture of who they are.

This will be a warm hearted and life affirming programme along the lines of other popular channel 4 shows such as; First Dates and 24 hours in A&E

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