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DNA Testing in Birmingham

DNA Worldwide are happy to present a DNA testing clinic in Birmingham, local residents and legal professionals can now gain access to simple and affordable DNA testing. There is a fully trained team that can offer their support in sampling your DNA. In most cases all that they will need to take is a mouth swab sample.

There is a growing need in society for access to paternity testing or extended family testing services. The DNA testing clinic in Birmingham can now offer the worlds best and most advanced DNA testing.

Birmingham can now offer its one million inhabitants a convenient DNA testing clinic that offers the most reliable DNA testing service available.   

Drug & Alcohol Testing Services

As specialists in Drug & Alcohol testing for Family Courts and workplace situations your local clinic is able to provide;

  • Hair Testing for Drugs of Abuse going back up to one year from the date of your appointment.
  • Hair Alcohol Testing providing a three or six month history of alcohol abuse.
  • Fingernail Testing for Drugs & Alcohol covers three to six months history of drugs and alcohol consumption.
  • Urine drug testing providing between 3-30 day detection for drugs of abuse.

Not Sure Which Test to get?

If you are not sure which test to take or have questions before you order a test or book your appointment please call us on 01373 800130.

After Test Support Organisations in Birmingham

DNA, drug and alcohol testing can be difficult and stressful time in people lives. No matter the results, theres always support at hand. The following is a small list of what support available in Birmingham.  

Why Choose DNA Worldwide?

Twice as accurate as other labs

DNA Worldwide is committed to providing DNA, Drug & Alcohol Testing with personal care and true integrity.

In addition to trust and support the most important aspect of testing is accuracy and reliability.

DNA Worldwide have developed the UK's most advanced testing platform covering DNA, Drug, Alcohol and Forensic services.

As an example all DNA tests look at up to 68 DNA Markers (compared to other labs testing just 16 markers) this means you be be completely sure of the results we provide. It also means DNA worldwide offer advanced family reconstruction cases that no other lab can provide (up to 5th cousin relationships).

Why is this key? Check out this page to see why testing just 16 DNA Markers can give inaccurate results.


Birmingham DNA Clinic, Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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  • Extended Family Testing
  • Immigration DNA Testing
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“DNA Worldwide is respectful and completely confidential, the times that you are open are superb and so is the time (how quick) the results come back”


“I would recommend DNA Worldwide, 100% Fast, professional and discrete service, results quicker than expected. Good communication with DNA staff. Helpful and easy to read results explained well and understandable.”

Menasi Mupazi

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