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La Paz DNA Clinic

La Paz DNA Test

La Paz, Bolivia Immigration DNA Test

UKBA, British Embassy in Bolivia Accredited Results in 3-5 Business Days

DNA Worldwide are happy to help people from across the world with their immigration case. Our DNA clinic in La Paz, Bolivia is just one of many clinics that we have for people to attend. No matter where you are in the world we aim to have a secure and safe clinic for you to attend.

Results take 3-5 working days for paternity testing and 5-10 working days for more complex cases.

How simple is your DNA testing?

With new advancements in DNA testing we are able to offer a simple and easy method of taking your DNA. Our fully accredited Doctors will take your DNA via a mouth swab, this is a very quick procedure and will be over in minutes. These samples will be sent to our lab where our experts will examine the samples to determine if there is a biological link.

The DNA Worldwide team will be happy to give you advice and support at every step of the DNA sampling process. We will provide you with a suitable appointment at a clinic that you can travel to. We choose our DNA clinics in a highly populated areas with ease of access to, by public transportation. Our list of clinics is constantly growing as we are looking to improve our service worldwide.

La Paz

La Paz is situated close to the western border of Bolivia, the population is close to 800,000 people. La Paz is elevated to 3,650 metres above sea level. The airport is located in the Western section of the city. You can travel around the city by train, bus and taxi, this should allow you to get to the clinic in La Paz with relative ease.

Why Choose DNA Worldwide?

Twice as accurate as other labs

DNA Worldwide is committed to providing DNA, Drug & Alcohol Testing with personal care and true integrity.

In addition to trust and support the most important aspect of testing is accuracy and reliability.

DNA Worldwide have developed the UK's most advanced testing platform covering DNA, Drug, Alcohol and Forensic services.

As an example all DNA tests look at up to 68 DNA Markers (compared to other labs testing just 16 markers) this means you be be completely sure of the results we provide. It also means DNA worldwide offer advanced family reconstruction cases that no other lab can provide (up to 5th cousin relationships).

Why is this key? Check out this page to see why testing just 16 DNA Markers can give inaccurate results.


La Paz DNA Clinic, Casilla, La Paz, Bolivia

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