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DNA Testing in Liverpool

The DNA Worldwide Paternity testing clinic located within Liverpool offers residents and local legal professionals leading DNA testing, that is easy and affordable to conduct. The Liverpool DNA testing clinic has a team of fully trained professionals that routinely take DNA samples from people.

There is an ever growing need in society to confirm the true identity of parentage or to establish if two family members are related. The Liverpool based clinic offers the most advanced testing by looking at over four times the amount of DNA than any other company in the UK.

This now means that 465,700 people living in Liverpool can conveniently attend a clinic that is offering the latest in DNA testing technology.  

All Legal DNA Testing is provided by DNA Legal, a brand of Eurofins Medigenomix Forensik that is approved by the Ministry of Justice as a body that may carry out parentage testing under Section 20 of the family courts act.

Drug & Alcohol Testing Services

As specialists in Drug & Alcohol testing for Family Courts and workplace situations your local clinic is able to provide;

  • Hair Testing for Drugs of Abuse going back up to one year from the date of your appointment.
  • Hair Alcohol Testing providing a three or six month history of alcohol abuse.
  • Fingernail Testing for Drugs & Alcohol covers three to six months history of drugs and alcohol consumption.
  • Urine drug testing providing between 3-30 day detection for drugs of abuse.

Not sure which test you need?

If you are not sure which test to take or have questions before you order a test or if you want to book your appointment please call us on 01373 800130

After Test Support Organisations in Liverpool

DNA, drug and alcohol testing can be a stressful point in peoples lives, no matter the result, you can find support for any issue you or your family may be facing.

Why Choose DNA Worldwide?

Twice as accurate as other labs

DNA Worldwide is committed to providing DNA, Drug & Alcohol Testing with personal care and true integrity.

In addition to trust and support the most important aspect of testing is accuracy and reliability.

DNA Worldwide have developed the UK's most advanced testing platform covering DNA, Drug, Alcohol and Forensic services.

As an example all DNA tests look at up to 68 DNA Markers (compared to other labs testing just 16 markers) this means you be be completely sure of the results we provide. It also means DNA worldwide offer advanced family reconstruction cases that no other lab can provide (up to 5th cousin relationships).

Why is this key? Check out this page to see why testing just 16 DNA Markers can give inaccurate results.


Liverpool DNA Clinic, Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom

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  • Extended Family Testing
  • Immigration DNA Testing
  • Paternity Testing


Sulayman Dambel

“To everyone at DNA worldwide thank you very much for your help and hard work. I am so pleased to have received my test result.”

Emma Chappell

“Fantastic and Speedy Service and happy with the result. Thank you for your help”

Lydia Huddle

“Your service was very quick and you kept me updated. Thank you very much.”