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Tirana DNA Clinic

Tirana DNA Test

Tirana , Albania, immigration DNA Test

UKBA, British Embassy, in Albania, Accredited Results in 3-5 business Days

DNA Worldwide have set up clinics in Albania to help individuals gain immigration to the UK and the USA through DNA Testing to support their application. Our aim is to help people all over the world to gain rightful immigration.

Results take 3-5 days for Paternity testing and 5-10 days for more complex cases. 

How simple is your DNA testing?

For us to help you gain rightful immigration to the UK or to the USA, we will need to conduct a DNA test at one of our clinics. In order for you to gain a rightful passage to the UK or USA and live there permanently, a biological link will need to be established. A Doctor from our clinic will take a sample through a quick and easy mouth swab. Our laboratory will then examine the results to prove if there is a biological link.

We choose our clinics by ease of transport, accessibility and high population areas to make the DNA testing clinic as easy as possible to locate and attend. We advise that you should let us know if it will be possible to attend the clinic, if not we can source another clinic for you.


Tirana is the largest city in Albania and is the capital, the city became the capital in 1920 and has close to 500,000 inhabitants. The airport is called Nene Tereza and is situated in the north of the city. regular buses, trains and taxis make getting around the city fairly simple  to get to our clinic.

Why Choose DNA Worldwide?

Twice as accurate as other labs

DNA Worldwide is committed to providing DNA, Drug & Alcohol Testing with personal care and true integrity.

In addition to trust and support the most important aspect of testing is accuracy and reliability.

DNA Worldwide have developed the UK's most advanced testing platform covering DNA, Drug, Alcohol and Forensic services.

As an example all DNA tests look at up to 68 DNA Markers (compared to other labs testing just 16 markers) this means you be be completely sure of the results we provide. It also means DNA worldwide offer advanced family reconstruction cases that no other lab can provide (up to 5th cousin relationships).

Why is this key? Check out this page to see why testing just 16 DNA Markers can give inaccurate results.


Tirana DNA Clinic , Qemal Stafa, Tirana, Albania

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S. Dambel

“Reliable, great service that offers Peace of mind and the lowest cost”

Medina Whiteman

“It is a real eye-opener to see what genes you are carrying forward from long-lost ancestors. Most of my family tree is a mystery to me but this has explained many of my interests, even where I choose to live and travel as an adult!”

Lesley Barker

“Good service. Prompt, reliable. Fascinating to learn of one's origin”