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Legal Maternity Test - Who's the Mum

  • Designed for court requirements 
  • Testing for up to 3 people
  • Lowest Price Guarantee 
  • Complete Accuracy
  • ISO:17025 Accredited
Legal Maternity Test

Legal DNA Maternity Test

 A legal Maternity test is required for the following reasons:

  • When proving maternity in a court of law

  • Confirming a birth certificate

  • Immigration applications and refusals

  • Wills

  • Probate disputes 

This test requires a DNA sample to be taken by a professional doctor, nurse, or accredited sampler and cannot be self administrated. Our labs conduct legal testing that is ISO/IEC:17025 accredited and ISO:9001:2008 certified for use in the UK court system. 


Help and Guidance

Organising a Legal Maternity Test

  • Order your maternity test for legal purposes securely online. Either pay a deposit of £99 to start the process, or pay for the full fee including testing in one go. There are options to include more than three people in the test, and to have a test carried out in different locations around the world. 
  • We will appoint a dedicated case manager to support you throughout the entire process. And arrange for a local sample collector to visit your home or you can visit your GP (additional fees apply for sample collection). 
  • Our couriers will collect the DNA samples from the collector and once received we will notify you with an estimated completion date. We expect all maternity results to be ready within 3-5 working days.

We re-test to ensure greater accuracy

We often get calls from clients who've had DNA testing done by a lab only examining 16 DNA markers, so they end up with uncertain results.

Some quote just a 75% chance of a relationship. At DNA Worldwide we test four times as many areas of DNA than other laboratories, ensuring every maternity test will be conclusive.