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DNA Worldwide featured in K9 Magazine

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You can read the K9 Magazine review of our Mixed Breed Dog DNA Test in their latest online edition.  

Its a common occurrence that your dog can often behave differently to what you can expect, or they could simply look different, in regards to their breed characteristics.

These are indicators that your dog may have a mixed heritage.  

Most dog breeders are trustworthy, and breeders that sell pedigree dogs will need to prove lineage. However if you are having doubts, then there are ways in which you can prove your dog's heritage. K9 Magazine adopted a dog from a rescue home, and there were doubts over what exact breed the dog was.  

In the latest edition of K9 magazine, DNA Worldwide supplied a Mixed Breed Dog DNA Test to help find out the true heritage of their dog called Danny.

Before the DNA test, Danny was known to be a Doberman cross Rottweiler.

However K9 Magazine did not believe that Danny had any Doberman in him, if anything, Danny was a Rottweiler cross Greyhound, as Danny seemed ‘Houndy’. Therefore, the only way to solve this conundrum was do to a Mixed Breed Dog DNA Test.

After months of speculation, the time had finally come to learn what breed Danny is. Our DNA test revealed that Danny is a first time cross between a Rottweiler and a Doberman. Suspicions of Danny having a greyhound heritage were dumbfounded.

 It goes to show that your dog isn't the breed you may think it is.

To find out more about Danny, and how he got on with our Mixed Breed Dog DNA Test, you can see the feature on the K9 Magazine website by clicking here.  

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