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DNA Paternity Tests - in Deception?

Paternity Testing
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Paternity Test

Paternity Tests show 1 in 25 not the biological Dad

Approximately one man in 25 is living under the deception that he is the father of another man's child and with advances in genetic testing he is more likely than ever to find out the shocking truth.

As many as four per cent of fathers are unknowingly bringing up children who are not biologically theirs.  This percentage may also be on the increase because of sexual recklessness.  Recent trends in sexual health suggest unprotected sex and multiple partners are comparatively common occurrences with a large proportion of conceptions still unplanned.

Paternity Test are now more easily available

Genetic testing techniques have improved, and have become more widely available to the general public, so more and more couples are taking a DNA paternity test.
Taking a DNA Paternity Test can have massive emotional implications but knowing the truth is important for fathers and children alike.

Effects of a Paternity Test

But be warned of the potentially devastating effects of finding out the truth:

  • For any father - identifying that the child they are raising as their biological progeny is actually sired by another man can cause issues to be raised.
  • Such knowledge can also destroy families, affecting the health of the child and mother as well as that of any man who is ultimately identified as the biological parent.

The Man who raises a child is the father

Most individuals feel that the person who brings up the child and is seen as the child's father is more important than the biological father and that a DNA paternity test can only cause pain, however, a DNA paternity test is taken for a number of reasons for example:

  1. Child support and legal definition
  2. Diagnosis of genetic disorders
  3. Because of an extra-marital affair

But censoring the truth or avoiding taking a DNA paternity test is not necessarily the right way forward.  Avoiding taking a DNA paternity test can be equally as damaging - causing doubt and suspicion that can damage families too.

A DNA paternity test can offer men and children more informed decisions, and it is believed the best way to address any problem is to try and solve it by facing the truth, rather than hiding it and living a lie.  A DNA paternity test will enable any man to find out with 100% certainty whether he is the biological father, putting to rest any doubts and suspicions, which in turn can only be positive for the child.

DNA Worldwide Paternity Tests

At DNA Worldwide we provide a wide range of DNA paternity tests to clients with clarity and integrity. Each DNA test is fast, 100% accurate, confidential and includes full support.

Once you've chosen to take a DNA Test, the process with DNA Worldwide is simple and affordable. Our trained DNA Testing support team are available to answer any questions each step of the way. You can order your DNA test online or request a free collection kit for our range of DNA tests and send back the completed kit with payment.

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