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Paternity Testing - it’s a complicated story

Paternity Testing
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Paternity Test

Paternity tests are ordered from DNA Worldwide in various situations. No matter how complicated or difficult it may be, its important to discuss the situation with our support team. 

It is important that you give as much information as possible about alleged fathers. This will reduce the chances of an inconclusive result and will allow our expert consultants to give you the right information, in regards to which paternity test will be right for you, and for all individuals involved.

What if two brothers could be the father?

In this situation, ideally both brothers will need take samples in order to determine which brother is the potential father. In more complex cases it is advised that the mother is also included in the DNA testing process. One half of the child's DNA comes from the mother, therefore adding her into the DNA testing process will produce a more conclusive set of results.

Our laboratory will look at a minimum of 21 genetic markers, however in more complex cases, the genetic DNA testing will need be extended to look at more genetic markers than what would normally be tested. This is the best way in to find distinguishable DNA between the two brothers.

We understand that there are times when testing both brothers is not possible. For this reason DNA Worldwide have established a unique and advanced method to test for paternity where only one of the brothers is able to provide a sample.

What if the child's alleged Grandfather or the Grandfather’s son is the father?  

The Grandfather and his son will both need to be tested, it will also be advised that the mother is tested, however this isn't essential. If its only between the Grandfather and the son to be the potential father, then a clear result will be concluded.

What if the two possible fathers are cousins?

Cousins generally share only one eighth of their DNA with each other, therefore it's unlikely that both of their DNA profiles will match the child's DNA. However its still highly recommended to proceed with a paternity test on both alleged fathers in order to obtain a conclusive result

If only one alleged father can be tested, Its important that the DNA Worldwide team know that the other alleged father is also a cousin of the man that is to be tested. As with all DNA testing scenarios, knowledge is power, in order to provide the best and most conclusive DNA testing service, our team must know as much as possible.

What if the potential father and mother are first cousins, will this make the DNA test results difficult to produce?

First cousins are expected to share approximately 1/16th of their total DNA, unrelated people can also share up to 1/16th of their DNA with each other. Therefore being first cousins is almost like being unrelated. Therefore the DNA testing process will be unaffected, however all individuals involved will have to be tested.  

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