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How can I prove if someone is my mother?

Maternity Testing
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Maternity Test

A maternity DNA test confirms whether or not a woman could be could be the biological mother of a child.

Similar to a paternity test, we compare the DNA pattern of the child with that of the potential mother. When a baby is conceived, it inherits DNA from the father (50%) and from the mother (50%). The maternity DNA test will clearly indicate whether or not if the woman is the biological mother. Ultimately the maternity DNA test will deliver peace of mind and a resolution to the situation.  

Reasons for a maternity test

An immigration maternity DNA test is required for immigration applications, visa appeals and passport requests. The difference between an immigration DNA test and a peace of mind test is that in a immigration maternity test  needs a DNA sample to be taken by a professional doctor or nurse, this is done for legal reasons.

Mothers that have used IVF treatment often require a maternity test,  this is when the process of fertilisation has happened outside of the woman’s body and in a laboratory instead. The maternity test gives the mother peace of mind that there hasn't been a mix up in the fertilisation process and that the child is hers.   

Adults that were put up for adoption as children will often search for their biological mother, once they find the alleged mother, they will use a maternity test for clarification.

In some rarer cases, a baby could of been accidentally switched at birth in the hospital. A maternity test is required to resolve the situation.   

How to find your biological mother

The first step is to contact an agency to help find your biological mother, as they will most likely have the resources and expertise to help in your case.

Once an alleged mother has been found, the best way to clarify if they truly are your birth mother is via a maternity test. As this will examine both individuals DNA to see if the child’s DNA has been inherited from the alleged mother.     

Why choose DNA Worldwide

Many laboratories require both parents to be tested to ensure they provide highly accurate results. Due to the unique DNA testing used by DNA Worldwide, offering four times the number of DNA markers tested, we are able to provide the world's most accurate maternity test without needing to test the father, however the father can be included if necessary.

All that is needed is a mouth swab to be taken and results can be expected within 3-5 days after the laboratory has received the samples. This test will provide peace of mind for all involved, as it will give a 100% conclusive result.   

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