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DNA testing for grandparents

Grandparentage Testing
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Grandparent DNA Test

A grandparent DNA test from DNA Worldwide will determine the relationship of a child to its potential grandparents.

When a child is conceived, they obtain 50% of their DNA from their mother, and the other 50% from their father.

Oddly enough you do not share 25% of your DNA from each grandparent. Your family tree may suggest you obtain 25% of your DNA from your grandparents, however your genetics tells a different story.

Humans carry 23 pairs of chromosomes, 22 autosomal pairs and one pair of sex chromosomes. Woman have two X chromosomes and men have one X and Y chromosome, depending on what your second sex chromosome is (X or Y) will dictate which sex you’re.   

It begins to get complicated when assessing exactly what you have been passed down from your grandparents, the percentage of DNA passed down to you from your parents is purely down to chance.

What makes it difficult to judge the exact amount of DNA has been passed down is genetic recombination, this means that the DNA isn't purely from one grandparent or the other.

During cell divisions, from the production of sperm and eggs, chromosomes exchange information with each other, thus forming hybrids. Its an almost certainty that you have genetic contributions from all of your grandparents, the question is, how much?

Reasons for a grandparent DNA test

The grandparent DNA test is often required when parents of the alleged father or indeed the biological mother are not available.This is to test a child’s missing links in their biological relationship with the family.

In this case, if the alleged father is unavailable for a paternity test, the next step is to do a grandparent DNA test of the alleged fathers parents in order to answer the child's relationship to the alleged father.

Other cases include the grandparents questioning if the child is their biological grandchild. DNA tests such as these can provide the answers in order to bring families closer together.

Do you need both grandparents?

It will be recommended that both grandparents should be tested alongside one parent, however this cannot always be the case. The grandparent DNA test can be completed with just the grandparent and the child. However this will not give you the most conclusive and accurate result.

Why choose DNA Worldwide for a grandparent DNA test

DNA Worldwide use the most advanced grandparent DNA test in the United Kingdom. We test for 68 markers, whereas other labs will only test for 16-24 markers. Therefore we offer the most comprehensive grandparent DNA Test on the market, making DNA Worldwide at least twice as accurate as other labs.

Each test is run independently twice to ensure that the results are as accurate as possible.

DNA Worldwide is a global leader in DNA testing, we are certified to ISO 9001:2008 with our laboratory accredited to ISO:17025  

The more markers that are tested, the more conclusive the result of the test will be. It is recommended that one parent is also made available to be tested in order to produce a more conclusive result. However if there isn't a parent available the grandparent DNA test can still go ahead, although the results will be slightly less accurate.  

How is the grandparent DNA test completed?

A home DNA test kit can be ordered online, this kit will include a swab set for up to three people, the swabs will need to be placed in specimen envelopes to avoid contamination. A DNA testing kit brochure will also be included, this will have detailed information about the DNA testing process.  

The DNA test kit will also provide a lab test order form pack and instruction, this will need to be filled out and returned to complete the next steps. Once the laboratory receives these samples, you can expect result within 3 to 5 business days.

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