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How long does DNA testing take?

Understanding your DNA Results
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How long does a paternity test take

You can expect your DNA Testing results back in as little as 3-5 business days for paternity testing

Paternity & Family DNA Test

How long DNA testing takes depends on the DNA testing service you need and the complexity of the case. DNA Worldwide aim is to deliver the results back to you as quick as possible. You can expect in most cases that your results will be back within 3-5 business days from the time the samples are received in our laboratory

To further speed up the process, once the results are ready, the DNA Worldwide customer support team can send an email with the results or inform you via the telephone - you choose. The physical results will follow in the post.

If a case is more complex, for example if the two alleged fathers are brothers, DNA Worldwide will need to do an extended DNA marker test. This DNA test will look at more DNA markers than would normally be needed in order to determine a conclusive and accurate result, as you may expect, this can take longer than if the two alleged fathers were unrelated. As the two alleged fathers share similar DNA it makes it more difficult to identify unique DNA between the two individuals.

Ancestry Test

If you're requesting an Ancestry DNA test, the results can be expected back within 12-14 weeks. This is due to the extent of DNA that we examine, we look at over 268,000 autosomal, YDNA and mtDNA markers.

This data is then compared to an extensive set of reference samples of known ancestry, alongside this you will receive various artefacts, which includes a personalised booklet that explains your unique ancestry in full.

Pet Test

Similarly with our ancestry DNA tests, our Dog DNA tests look at hundreds of unique DNA markers, this is then compared to samples of known ancestry. Our computer then looks through 8 million possible family trees, this detailed test takes between 4-6 weeks. Alongside the results you will receive a family tree of your dog, which goes back five generations.

Our Mission

DNA Worldwide always aim to ensure fast, accurate DNA testing. Some DNA tests are quicker than others but it is of critical importance to DNA Worldwide that your results are absolutely accurate. For further details about specific DNA tests and how long they will take please contact us.

Want to know more?

We would advise you to navigate the website and see the exact DNA test you think you need, it will describe the process and the time it takes to get your results back. However if you're still unsure, please call 0845 257 1217. Or simply fill out a contact form and we will get back to you during working hours.

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