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How early can you do a paternity test?

Paternity Testing Understanding your DNA Results
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Paternity test while pregnant

The earliest time period when a paternity test can be taken is 9 weeks gestation with the DNA Worldwide prenatal paternity test (non-invasive).

The prenatal paternity test works by taking a blood sample from both the Mother and the alleged Father. The baby’s DNA is found within the mother's blood stream after nine weeks (fetal DNA testing). The two blood samples are be taken by an approved collector/nurse that DNA Worldwide will send to your home or location of your choosing,.

Once the samples have been tested at our laboratory, you can expects results within the next 7-10 business days. From start to finish the earliest you can know about the paternity of a child is ten-twelve weeks after conception.

How accurate is this test?

DNA Worldwide aim to ensure that you receive at least a 99% probability of whether or not the alleged father actually is the father of the child. This method has been validated by many independent studies, therefore you will receive conclusive results by taking the DNA Worldwide prenatal paternity test in the same way as any of our other paternity testing options.   

Are there any other paternity tests?

DNA Worldwide also provide a prenatal CVS/Amnio DNA paternity test, however in some cases (around 5%) this test cannot begin until the mother is 16 weeks pregnant, this is when amniocentesis can be carried out by our approved clinic. The reason for this is because the position of the placenta is not in its normal natural position and cannot be accessed safely.   

The clinic that collects CVS/Amnio samples for paternity testing is the leading clinic in the country and is based in London. Before the appointment we ask that the mother’s blood type to be provided to the specialists at the clinic. Other items such as two passport photos and a photo ID must be provided by each person attending the appointment at the clinic.

If both prenatal paternity tests aren't an option, the next step is to wait until the child is born and order a mouth swab paternity test. This paternity test needs mouth swabs to be taken from the participants and sent to our laboratory. A sample can be taken from the child within an hour of their birth. Results can be expected within 3-5 business days and you can expect a conclusive result.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about which paternity test is right for you, first navigate to our paternity section and review which test you think is right for you. Then feel free to contact the DNA Worldwide team on 01373 800130. You can also fill out a contact form and someone from our team will contact you during working hours.    

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