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DNA shows there is no such thing as a separate United Kingdom

Leading University Experts have analysed the DNA from over 2,000 individuals whose grandparents all lived in the same part of the UK. The aim was to provide a fine scale genetic picture of the People of the British Isles whilst understanding how each individuals DNA relates to the rest of the world... Read More

13th June 2016

Winner Mendip Business of the Year 2016

Over the past 12 Months, DNA Worldwide Group has been building on its foundation of putting people and relationships first. Today we have a passionate and strong team that is truly supporting individuals to reach a point of truth in their lives. With three core business areas our purpose to... Read More

6th June 2016

Families wanting DNA Testing Needed for Channel 4 Documentary

DNA Worldwide supports Channel 4 and Sugar Films to make a warm hearted documentary helping families understand the truth about their relationships.  Families around the UK rely on DNA testing to answer questions about the truth of their relationships and help to put together their... Read More

26th March 2016

Ancient DNA and why it's so important

Ancestry testing needs more ancient DNA, but why is it so important? What is ancient DNA? Ancient DNA is the DNA that has been recovered from the remains of organisms that have long been dead. If successfully extracted, the ancient DNA can be used to accurately paint a picture of what the... Read More

27th April 2015

Alternatives to DNA Paternity Testing: How Do They Measure Up?

Finding out you're pregnant can create a mixture of emotions – joy, fear, nerves, excitement and above all, a certainty that things will never be the same again. Add into this mix uncertainty about who the father of the baby is, and you can start to feel overwhelmed. Not knowing the paternity of... Read More

2nd June 2014