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What If I Am Not the Biological Father?

Paternity Testing
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Paternity Testing

Choosing to take a paternity test to find out the biological father of a child is a big step. Whilst the DNA test may be required for legal reasons many individuals choose to take a paternity DNA test for their own "peace of mind".

If you have reached this point and are in the process of deciding if you want to take a DNA test then the first question is:

Have you really stopped to feel what you and the child would truly want regardless of the outcome of the DNA Test?

Does a child consider biology

If so could it be that the child simply seeks to raised by a person who has made the loving commitment to bring them up, for who they truly are whether biologically related or not?

If you have already chosen the commitment to be part of a child's life as their father, you are doing just that, committing to be lovingly there for the child. If you later discover you are not the biological father why should this change or alter your relationship with the child?

Whilst there may be a process to go though, and it might not be easy, should you let this affect the commitment made or what any child simply seeks?

What DNA Testing Offers

DNA Testing provides a service to allow individuals the opportunity to create a new foundation of truth and responsibility. Exposing choices in the past that were taken without care-for-self, choosing to take responsibility for them and learning from them.

However if a child simply seeks to be met for who they are, something that ANY person can lovingly choose to present, should it matter if you are not the biological father?

At DNA Worldwide we feel that is that it does not matter, something that is echoed by many of our customers.

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