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How do I get a Free DNA Test?

In our recent article we wrote about
£99 DNA Testing, everyday we get asked how you can go about getting a Free DNA Paternity test so wanted to share the steps involved.

Firstly just to be clear – there is never a totally free DNA test, one person always ends up paying but depending on your circumstance that may not have to be you.
All at home DNA Testing is private and therefore these costs will have to be paid by you or a family member. An accredited test will cost anywhere from £130 to £190. Some companies offer free kits, others you pay for the test upfront. Whichever route you choose in the end the cost of the test and the kit has to be paid for before you receive your results.
In the case of legal DNA testing, there are two situations where you may qualify for a free DNA test:

  1. If you are involved in care proceedings and the authorities need to establish paternity. In this case you may qualify for legal aid and the DNA test may be paid for by the local authority. Please note this is in exceptional circumstances and is normally when the child’s future and care is at risk. DNA Worldwide can help you with the testing but we are often contacted directly by social services.

  2. If you need to claim CSA payments and the father is disputing the fact. The CSA may request a DNA Test and if the father is the father then they will have to pay for the cost of the testing.

Without going through long and drawn out proceedings or if the child is not being taken into care of the local authority then paying for your DNA test is the only option.
The benefit of this is you can get results in a matter of days. To help rather than paying everything up front you can pay a £24 kit fee. When you send the samples back and before testing starts you simply need to pay the £125 testing fee. This can be paid in up to 3 installments. 
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