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Free DNA Testing on the NHS?

Will the NHS pay for my DNA Test? This is one of the more common questions we get asked at DNA Worldwide. The NHS view the need to have a DNA test as one that is a personal decision for those involved. The subject of Paternity testing is very sensitive and whilst many individuals choose to discuss... Read More

3rd January 2013

The Use of DNA Testing In Immigration Applications

  Since 2010 the number of UKBA funded DNA tests used to established biological relationships for individuals seeking immigration to the UK has dramatically decreased. However during the same time the number of cases where DNA Testing is used has increased. The emphasis, responsibility and... Read More

21st July 2012

Determining Abstinence from Alcohol with Hair and Blood Testing

Advances in Hair Drug and Alcohol Testing have resulted in increased accuracy of results and more complete understanding of the importance of combining testing methods. It is now widely accepted that testing Hair (EtG & FAEE) combined with Blood (CDT & LFT) can provide a good indication... Read More

15th June 2012