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Former bodyguard could be father of Michael Jackson's son

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A former bodyguard has revealed that he donated sperm to Michael Jackson and believes he could be the father of his son, Blanket.

According to The Sun, 29-year-old Matt Fiddes says he is willing to undergo paternity testing and fight for custody of Blanket, should his legal guardian die while he is still a child.

Mr Fiddes, who is a martial arts expert, claims he agreed to act as a sperm donor for Jackson after the singer told him he wanted a child with an athletic physique.

Jackson is understood to have offered £500,000 for the service in 2001, but Mr Fiddes says that he turned the offer down and donated his sperm for free.

Blanket was born a year later, and Mr Fiddes says that he was told he was the child's father by Mark Lester, another sperm donor rumoured to be the father of Jackson's daughter Paris.

Mr Fiddes told The Sun he had no concrete evidence to back up his claims, but said that Blanket's physical appearance gives him reason to believe that he is the child's father. 

"Michael never told me himself that Blanket is my son but he took my sperm and the child is the spitting image of me," Mr Fiddes said.

Michael Jackson's mother is the legal guardian of his three children, but Mr Fiddes said that he and Mark Lester would take DNA tests and fight for access to Blanket and Paris, should Katherine Jackson pass away in the near future.

"We will go through the courts and get DNA and if the children are ours we will apply for access or even custody to bring them to Britain," Mr Fiddes explained.

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