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Paternity Testing

Paternity Profiles and Probability

Understanding your DNA Results

DNA paternity testing reports provide powerful and often life-changing, information. This section explains how to read and understand a standard paternity test report from DNA Worldwide. If you have additional questions, please contact our experienced client support team on 01373 751 131. A... Read More

How long does a paternity test take

How long does DNA testing take?

Understanding your DNA Results

You can expect your DNA Testing results back in as little as 3-5 business days for paternity testing Paternity & Family DNA Test How long DNA testing takes depends on the DNA testing service you need and the complexity of the case. DNA Worldwide aim is to deliver the results back to you... Read More

Paternity test while pregnant

How early can you do a paternity test?

Paternity Testing Understanding your DNA Results

The earliest time period when a paternity test can be taken is 9 weeks gestation with the DNA Worldwide prenatal paternity test (non-invasive). The prenatal paternity test works by taking a blood sample from both the Mother and the alleged Father. The baby’s DNA is found within the mother's... Read More

Family DNA Tests

Close Relationship DNA Test Results

Understanding your DNA Results

DNA testing for close relationships, such as grandparent, brother or sister, produces different results from a DNA paternity test. As with a DNA paternity test, an analysis for a close relationship looks for matches between DNA profiles but with this important difference: not all locations... Read More